VH1 Classic.

National Metal Day

VH1’s National Metal Day seemed like the perfect excuse for us to explore our inner metal heads. VH1 approached us with a sample of their print campaign - asking us to translate this as on-air promo. It quickly became apparent to us their print concept was great, but did not extend well into narrative form for On-Air. We responded with storyboards depicting fire breathing dragons, volcanic landscapes, skulls and cemeteries. Amazingly VH1 said ‘go for it if can you pull it off in the deadline’. We did pull it off, delivering well and on time. The loved it and they ended up asking us to redo their print campaign in the same style.




VH1 Classic

Production Company:

UV Phactory

Creative Director:

Michael Darmanin

Executive Producer:

Paul Schneider


San Charoenchai
Ali Jamali