USA Network.

Agency Presentation '14

At the beginning of 2014 USA was looking for a partner to help them re-invent how their Agency Presentations were created and distributed. Agency Presentations run year round and are an essential tool for Ad Sales presenting to Agencies across the Country the enormous potential of USA as an Advertising Partner.

We were invited to pitch ideas and won the business based on our creative. Our direction was to elevate their presentations beyond the stodgy world of Powerpoint and inject them with the creativity and production value typically reserved for On-Air and Online. We also worked with photographer Harry Fellows to create a library of stills as part of the presentation and toolkit.




USA Network

Production Company:

Sticky Pictures

Creative Director:

Michael Darmanin


Paige Vosper
Michael Darmanin


I-Ting Lee
Joe Vaccarion
Stephen Kelleher
The Design Surgery
Michael Darmanin

Keynote Development:

Paul Woodvine
Michael Darmanin


Joe Vaccarion

Tablet Photography:

Harry Fellows