Smart Car.

Open Your Mind

We loved the idea of Smart Car when it was released in the US market so much we came up with this short film. At the time most of the conversations regarding Smart Car focused on it’s size, safety and crash test ratings. We decided to go in an entirely different direction. Using their ‘Open Your Mind’ tagline as a jumping off point - we focused instead on what a fun car it is to look at and drive, and the benefits it’s drivers experience. When you open your mind to the possibilities of a Smart Car you meet the nicest people.



Client Name:

Smart Car

Production Company:

Sticky Pictures

Project Type:


Creative Director:

Michael Darmanin


Gabriel Riley


Michael Darmanin
Matt Choi

3D Animation:

Justin Maynard
Nol Kittiampon
Jenny Kim
Ling Chieh Chen


Matt Choi
Michael Darmanin