Charles Schwab.


We teamed back up with Thornberg & Forester after our successful collaboration on Charles Schwab ‘Aztec’ for Havas Worldwide. For ‘Retirement’ we took a more narrative approach by bringing to life a digital Book of Life. We then then crafted a visual narrative of the milestones throughout people’s lives on their journey towards a better retirement.

Our unique process meant that the storyboards and the final video are almost identical. Creating boards representative of the final look made it much easier for the client to sign-off on final designs before going into animation.



Client Name:


Production Company:

Thornberg & Forester

Creative Director:

Michael Darmanin


Mei-Ling Wong


Michael Darmanin

Lead Animator:

Scott Hubbard
Vi Nguyen
Grant Cerulo

Digital Book of Life Storyboards

Pop-Up Storyboards